No Fees Unless You Win.

Even though you pride yourself in your cautious behavior and “rule-follower” attitude, someone else’s negligent act caused an accident that has left you seriously injured. Your physical pain and medical expenses have become unbearable. You need help.

The aftereffects of a serious accident can be financially devastating.  The most common injuries of accidents we see – traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, skin burns, or spinal cord injuries – may take years to fully heal.  Sometimes, a full recovery is not even possible.  The physical impairment you are experiencing from your injuries will likely affect your ability to earn a living and you may be temporarily or permanently disabled.

Without a steady stream of income, your ability to pay the mortgage and provide food for your family may add to your growing list of stressors.  All the while, you are likely still receiving medical bills from the providers who treated your injuries from the accident. You know you need help, but can you afford it?

You absolutely can afford help from Pribble Law, PLLC.  And you deserve it.  We recognize that you are facing significant financial stresses from being injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence. That’s why we don’t charge a retainer fee to reserve our legal services, and you will only pay us a fee if we win your case and you receive compensation.

How our Fee Structure Works

The financial burden of pursuing a personal injury claim is one  you won’t have to bear.  At Pribble Law, PLLC, we will cover all up-front expenses required, and they will remain our burden until we have secured compensation for your injuries. Our coverage of these expenses are essentially an interest-free loan to you, in the interest of your case.

All of our fees are paid at the conclusion of your case — after a favorable settlement or jury verdict has been obtained on your behalf. We receive a fixed percentage of your recovery – one that is agreed upon in our employment contract when your hire us. Any expenses associated with your claim, such as record retrieval fees, will also be paid out of your settlement or verdict.

Your ability to obtain peace of mind and the compensation you deserve shouldn’t be limited by your financial assets following a catastrophic injury. That’s why the only legal fees you will ever owe us are due only after we win your case.

Before you make the decision to hire our firm, we offer a free consultation to discuss the details of your accident and hear your options.

Contact a Local, Competent Personal Injury Lawyer Today

You can schedule your free personal injury case evaluation with Pribble Law, PLLC by calling (512) 829-1558. Contact our firm today to find out how Pribble Law can help you.


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